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Automotive Rollformer

Automotive roll formerThe auto industry demands high quality and repeatable parts manufacturing from its suppliers. The automotive roll former is a perfect fit for these high demands and is widely utilized in the Tier 1 parts manufacturing sector. 

Automotive Roll Forming Machine

Sheet forming machines such produce a number of parts found in todays automobile. Some of the more common roll formed parts are the bumper, window glide, seat glide and chassis components. The ability to form at high volume and consistent reliability is what makes these systems the best option.

Automotive Components that utilize Roll Forming 

Car bumper machine 

Todays cars have plastic exterior bumpers that hide or cover the safety steel bumper. This bumper was once manufactured by stamping steel in to the required shape. Todays parts suppliers now utilize rollformers to manufacture these hidden steel bumpers. 

Window glide roll former 

The common window glide incorporates both a complex profile and typically a sweep in its shape. Todays modern roll forming machines can both form the profile and include the sweeping action all within one machine. This fully automated process reduces production time and per part costs.

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