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Roll Forming Machines


The steel purlin roll forming machine is a fully automated system capable of producing many steel beam sizes. Most roof truss designs utilize the same or similar hole patterns and notches. Typically this is done to reduce costs and increase on site construction.

Purlin Roll Forming Machine  

Rollformer technology allows for the rapid production of trusses including C purlin, Z purlin and Sigma purlins. All of these profiles used for purlins and girts can be manufactured from a single machine. Internal software programs allow for quick change over from one size to another as well as one style (profile) to another. This flexibility improves the efficiency of your operation. Integral punch system allows you to notch holes anywhere in the web.

Machine features

  • The CEE ZEE Purlin machine typically includes the following features.
  • Automatic switch over
  • PLC Control system
  • Operator key in length control system
  • Uncoiler machine
  • Automatic cut to length hydraulic cutting press
  • Hydraulic punching system
  • Run out table

Roll former benefits

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Quick switch over between profile shapes
  • Integral section control
  • Increased operator safety

Roll forming machine for manufacturing steel purlins

Many steel buildings incorporate a range of steel products that are manufactured with the use of a roll former. Typically when designing a metal structure architects will use as many variations as possible. Some of the more common building materials you will see used are structural steel, metal roofing, steel studs and purlins.

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