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Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine

How to rollform steel studs and tracks

Industrial roll former used to manufacture stud and trackOne of the most common uses for a roll forming machine is the manufacturing of steel studs and tracks.  Steel framing is commonly used in the commercial high-rise building and construction industry.  Lightweight and easy to assemble this alternative to standard wooden stick framing has gained popularity in the commercial sector.  So how are these common low cost parts manufactured.

7 steps to rollforming studs and tracks

There are 7 basic steps to foll forming studs and track.  Most industrial machines can manufacture all common sizes and profiles used for common drywall construction. The typical configuration for producing high volume parts includes 7 major systems.  Each performs a unique function through the forming process.  From preparation of the metal for bending to cut outs and holes needed for running wires and plumping on the job site.

1) Uncoiler

The uncoiler holds the master coil and feeds in to the line.  Alignment is critical here as any deviation will be amplified through the rolling process causing defects in the final product.

2) Flattener

The flattener add another step to pre-forming quality control.  Having a consistent material thickness as it feeds in to the rollformer is also critical to producing a high quality part.

3) Lubricator

The lubrication unit ensures the metal is easily bent as it passes through each roll stand.  Without this the metal would bind and rip apart as the rolls form the profile of the stud or track.

4) Pre-punch press

Pre-punching is a custom function and is where the holes and notches are made in the stud.  These are located in a common location to allow for wiring and plumping to easily pass through the studs.

5) Mill

The mill is where the forming action takes place.  The roll tooling bends and shapes the sheet metal in to the desired stud or track profile.

7) Cut-off press

The final steps is to cut off to the desired length either a stud or track.  Lengths can vary to fill an order size.

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What rollforming machine is right for your steel framing application?

Fabricating steel framing products is anything but simple.  Having the right rollforming machine to manufacture steel studs and tracks is the key to your success.  So where do you start?

Where will you fabricate your steel framing products?

There are basically two locations you can manufacture your steel framing products.  First, you can setup a portable machine on the job site and manufacture studs and tracks as you need them.  This method has some initial costs savings.  A portable rollformer is much lower in cost than it’s big brother the industrial model.  You can also manufacture only what you need.  If the framing team requires 12 2″ by 4″ 8 feet long studs then that’s what you make.

Portable steel framing roll formers

Portable roll formers have some drawbacks in their ability to produce enough product such that the per piece cost is lower than buying in bulk.  This is a choice you will have to cost out for your building project.

Industrial grade rollforming machines for steel framing products

The second type of steel framing roll former is the industrial grade machine.  This system is highly flexible and can produce an amazing amount of steel studs and steel tracks.  Buying this type of forming machine brings per unit costs down significantly.  The drawbacks are the cost of a new roll forming machine and the production space needed.  You will require a separate building and warehousing for this setup.

For more in formation on stud and track roll former machines check out our product pages.

Steel Stud Machine For Drywall Framing

Common steel framing requires high precision studs and track.  The interlocking function requires that every piece conforms to the same exacting tolerances.

Stud and Track Rollformer

With a wide range of sizes stud producers need a rollformer that can adapt automatically to their needs.  The Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine does just that.

Generally these systems are integrated with other industrial software applications to allow for greater efficiency in material usage.

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