Uncoiler or decoiler for master coil handlingEvery rollforming line requires some method of feeding sheet metal to the rolling mill.  The uncoiler (also known as the decoiler) is the most common auxiliary piece of equipment purchased when buying a roll former.  Our uncoilers are available both in standard designs and custom configurations.  Engineered to meet rigorous use within all industries including, stud and track, automotive, shelving and racking, appliance and all metal parts manufacturing industries.  Competitively priced our uncoilers meet the demands of global fabricators.

Engineered for your industry; reliable and durable uncoliers

A complete line of uncoilers designed and engineered to meet the demands of your industry.  Optional coil cars combinations are available to help increase production work flow.  Integrated hold down arms and braking systems offer an increased level of security and operational performance.   Built to last these reliable uncoiling systems make easy work when handling large master coils.

Reduce downtime with dual and multihead designs

Having the ability to pre-load a coil in order to minimize change over time is critical for many operations.  The dual head and multihead designs do just that.  Now you can load up to 5 coils of any width and material type to keep your production flowing smoothly.


  • Traversing base designs up to 14″
  • Powered feed rewind and unwind
  • Single and double end coil stations
  • Capacity range 2,000 lb up to 45,000 lb
  • Coil safety hold downs
  • Rotating base and expanding hydraulic design


  • Powered – power feed
  • Hydraulic braking
  • Hold down arm
  • Multihead design

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