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One of the more common building and construction materials manufactured by cold forming steel is the purlin or girt.  This structural steel (versatile) component is an essential part of any building project.   the roll forming machine is a perfect match for purlin production.

Production line considerations for making purlins

C/Z Purlin roll formerBy their very nature purlins are straight uniform designs.  The common profiles include C, Z and Sigma and include common hole and notch placement.  As with many sheet metal materials used in the building industry having this type of uniformity and consistency allows manufacturers to produce high volume low cost products.

Considerations for roll forming purlins

The cold forming of any heavy gauge material such as that used in the fabrication of purlins requires specific machinery.  The rollformer is no exception.  As sheet metal material thickness and hardness increases so do the requirements of all components and auxiliary equipment attached to the forming mill.

Design considerations

  1. Uncoiler design
  2. Uncoiler bracking
  3. In-feed guide system
  4. Mill base and support system
  5. Roll tolling
  6. Tooling stands
  7. Hole punching systems
  8. Cut-off press

Each of these areas within the forming process is critical when manufacturing C/Z purlins.   Minimizing the quality of any of these will result in poor quality product and high re-work costs.

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