Solutions for manufacturing steel drywall studs used in steel houses

Rollforming machines used for making steel productsOne of the quickest ways to manufacturing an interior wall is to use steel framing and drywall.  This combination is quick to build and requires little training.  The drywall framing  dimensions are the same as those used in the wooden stick building process and are inherently more flexible.  Scrap material is minimized and recyclable unlike wood products.

Pro’s and con’s of a job site stud rollformer

One of the first things a company that is looking to manufacturer steel building studs is to do so with a portable stud maker.  These machines are small and lightweight my nature and produce a reasonable steel stud.  Here are the basic pros and cons of such a machine.


Portable rollformer pros and cons
Pro Con
Speed Not the faster rollformer on the market
Flexibility Can produce what you need when you need it. Requires many manchine changes to switch over product profiles
Capabilities Low volume Not built for long term high volume product
Cost Less than industrial forming machines Ware and tare at a high rate

Industrial stud and track rollformer

Industrial stud and track machines are capable of roll forming a wide range of profile shapes with minimal interruption.  These machines can switch between stud and track with one push of the button.  Changing flange heights and web widths are also quick and easy.

Industrial roll forming machine: pros and cons
Pro Con
Speed  Very fast Requires high volume production to offset costs
Flexibility Can produce any common stud sizes in one machine
Capabilities High volume production and highly flexible profile output
Cost Expensive compared to other machines Large ROI

Prefabricated building machine

A growing market is the prefab or prefabrication market.  This is where wall production and roofing building is all done inside a factory.  The sections are “prefab’d” and sent off to the job site for assembly.  This method reduces some costs of fabrication and increase overall quality.

Pre-fab roll forming machines: pros and cons
Pro Con
Speed Slow speed
Flexibility Can produce all the components needed to assemble a steel stud drywall or roofing Requires specific architectural drawings for each steel house
Capabilities Low volume
Cost Costs can be at par with other roll forming techniques

Read more about our stud and track rollforming machine and how it can help to reduce the cost of manufacturing steel drywall framing components.

What rollforming machine is right for your steel framing application?

Fabricating steel framing products is anything but simple.  Having the right rollforming machine to manufacture steel studs and tracks is the key to your success.  So where do you start?

Where will you fabricate your steel framing products?

There are basically two locations you can manufacture your steel framing products.  First, you can setup a portable machine on the job site and manufacture studs and tracks as you need them.  This method has some initial costs savings.  A portable rollformer is much lower in cost than it’s big brother the industrial model.  You can also manufacture only what you need.  If the framing team requires 12 2″ by 4″ 8 feet long studs then that’s what you make.

Portable steel framing roll formers

Portable roll formers have some drawbacks in their ability to produce enough product such that the per piece cost is lower than buying in bulk.  This is a choice you will have to cost out for your building project.

Industrial grade rollforming machines for steel framing products

The second type of steel framing roll former is the industrial grade machine.  This system is highly flexible and can produce an amazing amount of steel studs and steel tracks.  Buying this type of forming machine brings per unit costs down significantly.  The drawbacks are the cost of a new roll forming machine and the production space needed.  You will require a separate building and warehousing for this setup.

For more in formation on stud and track roll former machines check out our product pages.


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