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Weather seal rollforming machines

Many products utilize weather seal strips as an integral part of the design.  The difficulty has always been how do you join the weather stripping with the metal framing?

Our latest rollforming advancements now mechanically crimp the weather strip with the profile.  With the introduction of the vinyl weather stripping in to the process of roll forming you can now mechanically fasten the two together.  By combining these two processes in to one machine you now have a superior mechanical bond in an uninterrupted continuous profile.   Your production capacity, efficiency and overall quality have now increased.

Benefits of a weather seal rollformer

  • Single process
  • High strength mechanical fastening
  • Endless lengths
  • Increased productivity
  • Custom design and profiles

Common applications

Some of the most common uses for inline weather seals can be found in garage doors, windows, automotive doors, hotel and office revolving doors and large utility and maintenance doorways.

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Duplex mill offers more than increased speed for panel lines

One simple way to increase the output of your roll forming line is to add a second mill.  This ‘duplexing‘ is a common practice for many production process however, there is more options than throughput for a rollformer panel line.

Sheet metal panel roll forming equipment line.

Duplex roll forming machine

Duplex roll forming equipment

With two cold forming mills installed next to each other a number of efficiencies begin to appear.  With a few changes to the infeed steel coil handling equipment (uncoilers) and the roll tooling assemblies or rafted / cassette tooling a manufacturer can service a wide range of clients.

Benefits to having a duplex roll forming machine for panel production

  1. Increased production rates
  2. Panel profile (shape) flexibility
  3. Reduced labor split over 2 lines
  4. One material handling system (uncoiler) on infeed
  5. Easier sheet metal panel stacking equipment

There are numerous ways to increase your bottom line with a duplex rollforming machine.  For more information on these special metal forming lines contact us today.

Custom builders of roll forming machinery and equipment

RFM provides custom roll forming machinery for manufacturing steel framing products such as stud and track, structural steel, purlins and roofing products.

Quality design and engineering

Every roll-forming machine and line starts in our engineering department. Our team works with you from the start to design to your custom profile needs. Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM technologies and roll tooling software we optimize our tooling designs for your product.

Innovation in rollforming

Custom roll forming equipment for sheet metal coils A diverse customer base has exposed us to a wide range of profile shapes and material types. This exposure and continued focus on innovation impacts every line we manufacture. Our research and development team is engaged with other automation and process communities so that they can incorporate leading edge technologies in our roll forming lines.

Specialty equipment for metal forming

With every custom roll form application specialized auxiliary equipment is required. From in-line welding to flying cut-off presses we have you covered. Complex designs often require completely new material handling equipment and packaging lines.

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